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Here on the Yorke

Here on the Yorke

The morning holds a sundrenched promise
While the sea breeze is lifting your hair
You can’t decide if you, want to wander
Or just sit and take it in
Now the sea salt and foam is calling you under
To the wonders and the old wrecks below
Go the adventure, you know you'll remember
The challenge that you met
While you’re here on the Yorke

Timeless stories from an ancient people
More than you thought you could know
Old stones and the sea and, windblown plovers
On sandhillscalling you
The nights of music, and moonlight shining on you, following you, along the sand
You’ll look to sea and you'll swear lighthouse beacons
Are beckoning you out
On the shores of the Yorke
Whispered echoes from the past remind you,
Of the locals who went off to the wars
Heroes who came back like, Harry Butler
Chasing fame with his ‘plane
Suntanned legends of the land are patient,
Shearing sheep and sowing grain
No need to wonder, come taste it yonder,
In the beers that they craft here,
Right here on the Yorke
Old men of the surf are still there
They’ll draw you close, to share the warmth
From the fire and their stories,
Growing taller than the cresting waves
The windmills, the sheep and the salt lakes shimmer
Like a mirage, in your mind
Ruins of churches, and old tombstones
You feel you want to linger on
You’re caught by the Yorke

The time has come to pack and leave here
You know that you’ll be back here soon
The faces, the places, so familiar now,
They’ll welcome you back
The huge moon wanes, through the window panes,
And there’s so much more you want to do
You know you’ll have to work but you will drift
Back from the way that you came,
Drift on back to the Yorke


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